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Tom Kincannon

Telecom Support Services

With an intense focus on meeting all customers’ needs, no matter how mammoth nor minimal the challenge, SkyCom Global provides an optimal range of voice-based telecommunications services.

We deploy the best team of Cisco certified technicians in the industry, providing complete design, implementation, and installation services for voice, data, and wireless networking. Our technicians perform tasks ranging from routine moves to complex VoIP implementations. At SkyCom Global, no job is too big nor too small.

Our experienced network engineers design, upgrade, and optimize both local area networks and wide area networks and are cognizant of application sensitivity . . . structuring solutions which conform to organizational needs across all types of infrastructures.

SkyCom Global provides analysis, onsite support, 24/7 remote monitoring, troubleshooting support, and on-call support that can be tailored to meet the support model and business requirements of any organization.
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