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Network & Provisioning Services

Security Solutions
Skilled with more than 15 years of experience and armed with powerful information security solutions which work within our customers’ existing infrastructures, we help protect organizations without radically changing the way they operate. Our engineers understand your company is only as secure in the market as your network is in the face of an attack. As internet threats to both small businesses and large enterprises become increasingly sophisticated, we enable our customers to embrace technology that provides long-term peace and security.
Corporate ID
Managed Security Services – Premises
Security Management Program (SMP)
SSL OnDemand
Vulnerability Management Program
Data Center & IT Solutions
SkyCom Global, in conjunction with Verizon, offers Data Center and IT Solutions to meet your business and IT objectives. Our Enterprise Cloud service portfolio delivers on-demand computing infrastructure in a cloud environment, allowing deployment of computer resources within minutes to quickly meet your day-to-day business needs.
Cloud Services
Data Center Colocation (DCC)
IP Communications
As the number of VoIP users increases and the market expands to accept VoIP as a product of choice, SkyCom Global is helping businesses meet their demands by offering a suite of local and long distance IP services.
Carrier IP Termination (SIP)
Private IP (PIP)
Carrier IP Termination Transport
SIP Gateway Service
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